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On-Site Sales
When necessary, United Auctions Australia will conduct Vendor On-Site auctions where consignments of Vehicles, Industrial Equipment or General Goods will be available via auction from a location away from a United Auctions Australia site.
All On-Site auctions will be listed in the ‘Auction Catalogues’ pages, as well as appearing on our advertising notification's on the right-hand side of the website. Notification will also be given in rural, local and metro press. Our latest On-Site sale have been instructed by Local Government Bodies, Facility Service Groups and Financiers.

Liquidation and Insolvency
As members of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA), United Auctions Australia is the leading asset recovery and remarketing firm in Queensland, Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales. We have been the preferred choice of lenders, financiers and insurance companies since our inception. We also arrange to secure, transport and auction assets, for any matter needed. United Auctions Australia has handled over hundreds of cases from Finance repossessions, Mine foreclosures, Commercial business restructures, Bankruptcy and Family legal disputes. This record of success is the result of United Auctions Australia professionalism, experience and knowledge of the industry. Please visit our lender services website or email corporate@unitedauctions.net.au for additional information.

Valuations require experience and expertise, which is why so many companies look to United Auctions Australia to help them make more informed business decisions. We have the experience in consulting and appraisals in dozens of different industries. By bringing this experience and local knowledge, you can be assured that you are getting reliable, accurate and up to date information. Whether you are a small business or a large company, our asset valuation services will be adapted to meet your individual needs. United Auctions Australia brings our clients together with professionals, who have expertise in the valuation of your particular type of plant or equipment. There are many reasons that require your assets to be valued, and our most regular valuations are conducted in these situations:
  • Valuations for obtaining finance or insurance
  • Appraising the net worth of assets for financial reporting purposes in accordance with international accounting standards
  • Assess and value goods that are under insolvency and liquidation arrangements
  • As part of your Due Diligence process during the buying or selling of a business
  • Helping business owners make informed decisions during corporate restructures or
  • Determine a value prior to the auction, sale or tender process.
Whatever your valuation reason, you can be certain that United Auctions Australia use a variety of valuation methods, and their valuations satisfy existing accounting standards. We use our years of experience to determine which valuation methods are the most appropriate in each circumstance, and will present you with a range of valuations for your consideration. Now is the time to contact our professional team to discuss your valuation requirements. You can be assured of our confidential and commercial advice, at all times.